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Replaceable Grippers

The Jergens Replaceable Grippers are available in Hardened High Speed Tool Steel or with Carbide Inserts. The points of the grippers embed themselves into the work piece giving greater holding power with less actual pressure. Jergens Grippers may be held in place using either a set screw on the flat of the gripper or the threaded hole in the back of the gripper. Use Jergens Grippers to make hardened serrated jaws from Jergens soft top jaws or add the grippers to Jergens strap clamps for extra holding power. Use Jergens replaceable grippers anywhere that rough surfaces are being held in position for machining.

    • Material: Body, Low Carbon Steel Insert, Carbide
    • Finish: Zinc Plate
    • Serrations: .09" x 90°
    • Available in FixturePro™ Design Software and PartSpec CD
      Hardened Tool Steel
    • Material: High Speed Tool Steel
    • Finish: Black Oxide
    • Heat Treat: Rc 60-62
    • Serrations: .09" x 90°
    • Available in FixturePro™ Design Software and PartSpec CD
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Part NumberStyleBAECTypeWt. (lbs) 10 pcs.
23708 CAD
Round3/83/810-32x7/325/16Carbide Tipped0.15
23707 CAD
Round3/81/210-32x7/323/8Carbide Tipped0.20
23702 CAD
Round1/21/210-32x11/323/8Carbide Tipped0.22
23703 CAD
Round21/321/210-32x7/163/8Carbide Tipped0.30
23704 CAD
Round3/85/81/4-28x7/321/2Carbide Tipped0.36
23705 CAD
Round3/83/41/4-28x7/325/8Carbide Tipped0.44
23706 CAD
Square3/81/210-32x1/413/32Carbide Tipped0.30
23710 CAD
Round3/83/810-32x3/83/8Hardened Tip0.15
23711 CAD
Round3/81/210-32x3/81/2Hardened Tip0.20
23712 CAD
Round1/21/210-32x1/21/2Hardened Tip0.22
23713 CAD
Round21/321/210-32x.6511/2Hardened Tip0.30
23714 CAD
Round3/85/81/4-28x3/85/8Hardened Tip0.36
23715 CAD
Round3/83/41/4-28x3/83/4Hardened Tip0.44
23716 CAD
Square3/81/210-32x3/81/2Hardened Tip0.30

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).