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K5.3 Low Pressure Pneumatic Clamping Module

Zero-point clamping system for set-up-time-optimized clamping. The compact size makes it ideal for light duty machining applications as well as non-machining applications like assembly fixtures and test stands.

  • Low Pressure (min 5 bar / 72 psi)
  • Single Acting Modules
  • Hardened Stainless Steel
  • Pneumatic Unlocking
  • Cover and piston hardened
  • Repeatability < 0.005mm (0.0002")
  • DOWNLOAD ZPS Operating Manual
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Part NumberSizePull-in Locking Force up to kN / (lbs)Holding Force kN / (lbs)Min. Unclamp PressureBlow OutDDND1HHAKLKMTWeight (kg)
560601 CAD
K5.31.5/ (330)13/ (2900)72 psi (5 bar)Yes781554.529862M4210.5 

All linear dimensions in (mm) Note: The installation clamping module has high holding, pull-in and locking forces. This is opened pneumatically (1) and mechanically locked through spring force. Subsequent uncoupling of the pressure lines is possible at all times (module is tensioned pressure-free). The clamping module with blow-out and support control has two connections: 1x pneum. opening (1), 1x pneum. blow-out and support control (3). (The pneumatic blow-out and support control can optionally be connected.) * Please observe the installation instructions.