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Jergens 5-Axis Fixed Jaw Vise


Designed especially for multi-face machining with a single clamping operation. Ideal for machining complicated workpieces in a single clamping operation, such as in mold making. These vises are small, but have a large holding capacity. A variety of jaw options increase the range of applications. Grip jaws and V-type jaws enhance the retention force of the workpiece. The hydraulic version provides automatic power clamping with exact force.

  • Designed for 5-Axis machining
  • Manual and Hydraulic drive unit
  • Free access to the workpiece, allowing the use of short standard tools
  • Simple and robust construction, smooth surfaces, easy cleaning
  • Also suitable as a module for standard devices
  • Vise handle included with each Jergens 5-Axis Vise
  • Comprehensive jaw selection
  • * Tolerance = +/-0.01mm
  • ** Tolerance = +/-0.02mm
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Part NumberSizeClamping Force (kN / Nm)Weight (kg)StrokeLWH**d1gg1g2l1**l2l3l4*Hex (mm)
80301 CAD
40mm8 kN / 15 Nm1.82912840526H7  M6 x 7804028156 Female
80401 CAD
60mm15 kN / 25 Nm5 187607010F7M6 x 10M10 x 11M8 x 121003642358 Female
80501 CAD
60mm Hyd15 kN / 260 bar54204607010F7M6 x 10M10 x 11M8 x 121003642358 Female
80901 CAD
100mm25 / 60Nm209628510010025 x 5 / M10 x 14M10 x 16 M10 x 1520080703012 Female

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).