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Bolster Plate Bushings

Repairs are made quickly, easily, and right on the machine. Re-tap bolster plate hole, insert the threaded bushing to match, use a locking type sealant to lock the bushing in place. The Bolster Plate Bushings can also be used as threaded bushings in cast iron machine bases where greater thread strength is necessary. Eliminates the problems of “pulled-out” cast iron threads, reduces the need for bulky threaded cast iron sections.

    • Material: Stressproof
    • Finish: Black Oxide
    • Internal Thread: 2B-UNC
    • External Thread: 2A-UNF
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Part NumberInternal ThreadExternal ThreadLength
11701 CAD
3/8-163/4-161 1/2
11702 CAD
1/2-131-141 1/2
11703 CAD
5/8-111-141 1/2
11704 CAD
3/4-101 1/4-121 1/2
11705 CAD
1-81 1/2-122

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