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Barbell Style Risers

Jergens Workholding Solutions presents a truly modular approach to 5-Axis machining. Fixture-Pro® 5-Axis Risers raise,position and locate the part off the machine or rotary table so the part is accessible for machining all 5 sides.

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Steel Part NumberAluminum Part NumberStyleA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)Bottom Center BoreMounting TypeGridWeight Steel lbs KgWeight Aluminum lbs (Kgs)
5RS130002 CAD
5RS130005 CAD
Barbell-Low130507513050H7QLS, 12MM LHCS50mm x 50mm12.82 (5.82)4.44 (2.01)
5RS130003 CAD
5RS130006 CAD
Barbell - Tall1305012513050H7QLS, 12MM LHCS50mm x 50mm16.8 (7.62)5.82 (2.64)
5RS250001 CAD
5RS250005 CAD
Barbell - Low250507525050H7QLS, 12MM LHCS50mm x 50mm88.6 (40.2)20.5 (9.3)
5RS250002 CAD
5RS250006 CAD
Barbell - Tall2505012525050H7QLS, 12MM LHCS50mm x 50mm93.3 (42.3)25.34 (11.5)