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52mm Rotary Receivers

Quick-Loc Rotary Receivers provide a quick change platform specifically suited for rotary indexers and 5-axis machines.  When mounted on a Zero True Adapter, these receivers can be adjusted to run on center using the side adjustment screws in the base of the receiver.

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Heat Treat: Case Hardened, Rc 52-56
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Part NumberA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)I (mm)J (mm)Weight lb. (kg)Max Torque ft*lbs (Nm)Pull Stud
QL-400100 CAD
16011652282552M10136602011.15 (5.06)22 (30)
QL-200800 CAD
QL-400105 CAD
21011652282552M12164602016.72 (7.58)22 (30)
QL-200800 CAD