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5-Axis Locating Pins

Locates subplates to machine rotary tables, risers to subplates or to mount Fixture Pro® Top Tooling directly to a rotary table.

  • Material: 1018 Steel
  • Tolerance: +/-.0002 (.005MM)
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Center Locator Pins - Metric

Part NumberA (mm)B (mm)ThreadWeight lbs. ( kgs)
5LP1220 CAD
1220M60.03 (.014)
5LP1225 CAD
1225M60.04 (.018)
5LP1230 CAD
1230M60.05 (.023)

Center Locating Pins - Inch

Part NumberA (in)B (in)ThreadWeight lbs (kgs)Extraction Tool Part Number
5LP50075 CAD
0.50.751/4-200.03 (.014)
5LP500100 CAD
0.511/4-200.04 (.018)
5LP500125 CAD
0.51.251/4-200.05 (.023)

Diamond Timing Pins - Metric

Part NumberA (mm)B (mm)ThreadWeight lbs (kgs)
5LP1220001 CAD
1220M60.03 (.014)
5LP1225001 CAD
1225M60.04 (.018)
5LP1230001 CAD
1230M60.05 (.023)

Diamond Timing Pins - Inch

Part NumberA (in)B (in)ThreadWeight lbs. (kgs)Extraction Tool Part Number
5LP50075001 CAD
0.50.751/4-200.03 (.014)
5LP500100001 CAD
0.511/4-200.04 (.018)
5LP500125001 CAD
0.51.251/4-200.05 (.023)

Center Step Locator

Part NumberA (mm)B (mm)C in. (mm)D (mm)E Screw SizeWeight lbs (kg)
5LP1255020 CAD
50201.25 (31.75)40M12, 1/2 SHCS0.8 (.36)
5LP12512 CAD
1.25" (31.8 mm)12.472 (12)27N/A0.2 (0.10)
5LP5050001 CAD
50222.00 (50.8)50M12, 1/2 SHCS1.5 (0.7)
5LP5050002 CAD
50261.5 (38.1)50M12, 1/2 SHCS1.2 (0.52)

Center Locator Pins Long

Part NumberA (mm)B (mm)C Screw SizeWeight lbs. (kgs)
5LP5050 CAD
5050M12, 1/2 SHCS1.49 (.68)
5LP5070 CAD
5070M12, 1/2 SHCS2.11 (.96)
5LP5090 CAD
5090M12, 1/2 SHCS2.73 (1.24)
5LP50110 CAD
50110M12, 1/2 SHCS3.35 (1.52)

*Special Center Locators available upon request