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5-Axis 130mm Dovetail Vise

Mounts directly to a rotary table, Fixture Pro® Riser or any QLS Grid. Reduces distortion of parts like standard vises. Requires very little material (0.060” or less) to clamp. By cutting a 10º angle cut in the bottom surface of a machinable part it allows extremely high clamping forces holding your part with all 5 sides assessable. The Heavy Duty 130mm version has higher torque and tilting moments than the standard 130 mm Fixture Pro® Dovetail Vise.

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Part NumberDescriptionA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)LocatingMounting TypeMounting GridWeight (lbs./kg)Dovetail Cutter Part Number
5DV130002 CAD
130mm L.D. Dovetail Vise, Steel130257550Center, Timing Pin, QLS12mm SHCS12mm x 50mm7.36 (3.34)
5DV130003 CAD
130mm H.D. Dovetail Vise, Steel13028.67565Center, Timing Pin, QLS12mm SHCS12mm x 50mm7.21 (3.27)