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3 Sided Production Vise Columns 6" (150mm)

The 3-Sided Columns have only six workstations, but provide much greater access to three or more sides of your work pieces. This design is especially beneficial on machining centers with large spindle noses. No need to sacrifice tool rigidity for access, by having tools extended too far from the tool holders. The universal base will mount directly to most HMC tables, using the provided mounting holes on 80MM or 100MM centers.
  • Multiple mounting systems
  • Fastest quick-change jaw system
  • Full jaw travel
  • Hardened and ground stainless steel rails support jaws and resist wear
  • Fully sealed lead screw assembly
  • Supplied with machinable soft jaws
  • Available with hard jaws
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Jergens Part NumberBOCK Part NumberMountingHJQBase WidthBase LengthBall-Lock™ Mtg PatternMounting Pattern 1*Mounting Pattern 2*Wt. (lbs)Ball-Lock™ Shank Part numberShank Size
49408 CAD
TRS150J4-JBall-Lock™12.576.005.1215.7515.7514 x 14n/an/a252
49602 CAD
20mm x1 "
49410 CAD
 Ball-Lock™12.576.005.1219.6819.3817 x 17n/an/a266
49612 CAD
25mm x 1"
49474 CAD

Technical Data

Torque (lbs. Ft.)Torque (N*m)Clamping Force (lbs)Clamping Force (approximate) kgf

* Bases on Universal Columns are provided with two sets of mounting holes to fit grids or T-Slots on 80MM and 100MM centers. Custom mounting patterns and base sizes are available upon request.

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).