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ID Expansion Clamp
The ID expansion clamp is the ideal way to hold parts on an inside diameter for multiple machining on a vertical or horizontal machining center. The larger diameter of the clamp is held to a close tolerance for precision locating in a machined pocket on work cubes and fixture plates. The customer machines the mild steel clamp to match the bore of the part ensuring proper fit. Often times the clamps can be remachined for different size jobs.
    • Body Material Mild Steel
    • Low Profile
    • Ideal for Secondary Operations on Lathe Parts
    • Easily Machined to Size on Lathe or Mill
    • Excellent for Palletized Setups
    • Allows More Parts Per Workcube or Fixture Plate
    • Tighten with Hex Key or Hydraulic Pull Cylinders (Drill clearance hole for longer bolt into hydraulic cylinder)
    • Instructions included with each clamp


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Part NumberABCD+0.00/-.002FG†H*IJTorque (Ft/Lbs)Holding Force (Lbs)
68401. on .540 BHC2-56.160.5250CAD
68402. on .825 BHC8-32.303.6950CAD
68403. on .910 BHC1/4-20.5013.31900CAD
68404. on 1.140 BHC5/16-18.5627.62500CAD
684051. on 1.550 BHC3/8-16.7149.34500CAD
684061. on 1.790 BHC1/2-13.71120.05900CAD
684071.561.251.06.312.7361.651.1510-32 on 2.200 BHC5/8-11.79224.010000CAD
684081.561.251.06.312.9722.031.1510-32 on 2.515 BHC5/8-11.79224.010000CAD
684091.791.481.27.314.2323.061.151/4-20 on 3.646 BHC5/8-11.79224.010000CAD
684101.791.481.27.315.2324.061.151/4-20 on 4.648 BHC5/8-11.79224.010000CAD
684111.791.481.27.315.2326.891.151/4-20 on 4.648 BHC5/8-11.79224.010000CAD
684121.791.481.27.316.0009.851.151/4-20 on 5.250 BHC5/8-11.79125.06000CAD

Part NumberABCD+0.00/-0.05 EFG†H*IJTorque (N.m.)Holding Force (N.)
6882910. on 13.7 BHCM24.1.701,113
6883021.816.015.05.929.7212.48.0M3 on 20.95 BHCM47.25.004,228
6883124.919.015.05.931.514.212.2M3 on 23.1 BHCM611.217.008,455
6883224.919.015.05.937.520.013.5M3 on 29.0 BHCM813.234.0011,125
6883328.622.217.56.450.027.018.0M4 on 39.4 BHCM1016.360.0020,025
6883431.825.420.66.456.035.323.0M4 on 45.5 BHCM1220.3150.0026,255
6883539.631.827.07.969.542.029.3M5 on 55.9 BHCM1621.4280.0044,500
6883639.631.827.07.975.551.529.3M5 on 63.9 BHCM1621.4280.0044,500
6883745.537.632.37.9107.577.729.3M6 on 92.6 BHCM1619.3280.0044,500
6883845.537.632.37.9132.90103.029.3M6 on 188.06 BHCM1619.3280.0044,500
6883945.537.632.37.9132.90175.029.3M6 on 188.06 BHCM1619.3280.0044,500
6885045.537.632.37.9152.40250.229.3M6 on 133.35 BHCM1619.3170.0026,000

G† Minimum diameter the "F" Dimension can be machined
H* (3) Mounting Screws Included
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