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Workholding Solutions > Power Clamping > Clamps > STAYLOCK® > STAYLOCK® Toe Clamps
STAYLOCK® Toe Clamps
Jergens StayLock Toe Clamps are designed for edge gripping of parts when the clamp height must be kept at a minimum, such as in a milling operation. They are available in Low Toe (62811) or High Toe (62812) styles. Toe Clamps provide two directional clamping forces: one pushes the workpiece against a positive stop, the other pushes it down against the table or fixture. A brass or steel insert is available on the low toe style Toe Clamp. The inserts must be ordered separately. IMPORTANT: Jergens 62811 Toe Clamp is supplied without toe insert. Please order one of the inserts below.
    • Two special washers which prevent damage by the cap screws are included with each toe clamp. To order washers separately, order Part Number 60636.
    • Available in FixtureProTM Design Software and PartSpec CD


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