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Lifting Solutions > Shackle-Lok™ Hoist Ring > Shackle-Lok™ Hoist Ring - Inch
Shackle-Lok™ Hoist Ring - Inch
Jergens Shackle-Lok™ combines the strength of a hoist ring with the versatility of a shackle. Its unique, 3-piece design is ideal for use with a variety of lift methods, and shackles are interchangeable. Shackle-Lok™ is simply the industry’s most efficient below-the-hook lifting device from a weight-to-load rating ratio.
  • Internal ball bearings (440 Stainless Steel) allow for smooth rotation under load
  • Full 360° Swivel and 180° Pivot Action
  • Easy to remove shackle
  • Rated 5:1 Strength Factor in Vertical Pull
  • Bolt & Base Material: Alloy Steel 4140; C40-44
  • Bolt and Base Finish: Black Oxide
  • Bolt and Base are Magnetic Particle Inspected
  • Shackle & Shackle Pin: 1035 Carbon Steel; C18-24
  • Shackle Finish: Zinc Plated with Gold Colored Conversion Coating
  • Proof Tested to 200% of Rated Load Capacity
  • Certificate of Proof Test provided
  • 3D Solid Models available in multiple formats from
  • DOWNLOAD Instruction Sheet
  • CE Certified


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    Product Selector Chart

    Find the product and size you need in the chart below.

    Click the Part Number in below chart
    for Price and Stock Check.
    Part Number with ShacklePart Number w/out ShackleThread Size (A)Load(1) Capacity (lbs)Length With Shackle (B1)Length w/out Shackle (B2)Thread Length (C)Inside Shackle Radius (D)Shackle Diameter size (E)Width With Shackle (F1)Width w/out Shackle (F2)Inside Shackle Clearance (G)Pin Hole to base (H)Pin Hole Diameter (I)Web Thickness (J)Torque (2) (lbs*ft)Weight (lbs) With ShackleWeight (lbs) w/out ShackleHex Size
    2440724407NS1/2-1325004.171.971 1/160.711/22.961.561.
    2440824408NS1/2-1325004.171.971 1/40.711/22.961.561.
    2441124411NS5/8-1140004.171.971 1/40.711/22.961.561.
    2441324413NS3/4-1050005.562.711 1/20.945/83.722.
    2441524415NS7/8-980007.253.521 1/41.317/85.632.92.852.621.061.361307.73.997/16CAD
    2441624416NS1-8100007.253.521 1/41.317/85.632.92.852.621.061.361857.764.057/16CAD
    2441724417NS1-8100007.253.521 1/21.317/85.632.92.852.621.061.361857.814.17/16CAD
    2441824418NS1-8100007.253.522 1/41.317/85.632.92.852.621.061.361857.984.277/16CAD
    2441924419NS1 1/4-7150008.253.991 7/81.3816.
    2442124421NS1 1/2-62400011.725.112 1/41.881 1/28.324.065.113.641.722.236602912.363/4CAD
    2442424424NS2-4 1/23000011.725.113 1/81.881 1/28.324.065.113.641.722.23110030.613.973/4CAD
    2442624426NS2 1/2-45000014.226.5242.251 3/49.575.226.04.472.072.67230058.728.951CAD

    1 Stated load capacity based on recommended thread torques as shown in chart.
    2 It is recommended that these torques be used when installing hoist rings.
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