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Fasten, Strengthen and Secure

Jergens is a world leader in innovative, high strength fastening
technology for a wide range of medical and industrial applications.
With thousands of products to choose from, Jergens has the
right fastener for the right job.

Field-Friendly Features & Benefits

There's a reason you should buy your fastening products from
an engineering-based manufacturer like Jergens. Quite simply, Jergens
fastening products have field-friendly design features built in to help you get
the job done more efficiently and effectively.

Take Me to the Products!

Click one of the links below to browse our selection of fastener products.

Fastener Hardware Handwheels, Handles & Knobs Kwik-Lok™ Pins Spring Loaded Devices Threaded Inserts Toggle Clamps


Featured Products:

Spinner Grip Flange Lock Nut

Featured Product: Spinner Grip™ Flange Lock Nuts

Feature: All Metal Construction

The Spinner Grip's all metal construction creates a free-spinning installation that locks to the base part and performs better in harsh, corrosive environments. This makes field installation quick and easy, compared to nylon insert lock nuts, which must be wrenched down and often fail in extreme environments. Visit Fastener Hardware »

Spinner Grip™ Flange Locking Bolts

Featured Product: Spinner Grip™ Flange Locking Bolts

Feature: Conical Flange

Jergens Spinner Grip™ Flange Locking Bolts eliminate the need for other locking hardware, because it locks the bolt directly to the part for better holding power. No more lock washers, flat washers or other locking elements that require more time to install and cost more money. Visit Fastener Hardware »

Handwheels, Handles and Knobs

Product: Handles, Handwheels and Knobs

Benefit: Incredible Selection!

Jergens stocks its incredibly diverse line of handles, handwheels and knobs for immediate delivery. No lead times, no waiting and no minimum orders! Visit Handles, Handwheels & Knobs »

Jergens Kwik-Lok Pins, Quick Release Pins

Featured Product: Kwik-Lok™ Pins

Benefits: Incredible Selection!

Over 6,000 standard items in stock and quick turnaround on special grip length, handles, materials and ball configurations mean you get the pins you need for your application...without waiting.  Visit Kwik-Lok™ Pins »



Jergens Spring PlungersProduct: Spring Plungers

Feature: Solid Drive™ Design

Our unique Solid Drive™design allows the entire plunger to move, eliminating the need for set screws that often result in hard-to-remove plunger bodies and lost springs. Visit Spring Loaded Devices »

Keylocking Insert, Key Locking Insert

Product: Keylocking Inserts

Feature: Installation-Friendly Design

Easily install Jergens keylocking inserts with standard drills and taps. Rated among the highest in pullout strength. Competitive products require special drills, taps and installation tools. Installation in 4 easy steps and removal in 3. Visit Threaded Inserts »

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