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We Are Jergens.

We got our start back in 1942, manufacturing tooling
components to help American manufacturers operate
quickly and more efficiently.

"The Standard Components with the Highest Standards:"
this founding philosophy put Jergens on the forefront of the "lean manufacturing"
movement before anyone even thought to put those two words together.

In the years since, Jergens has structured its offering to advance
the cause of leaner manufacturing, adding products and engineered
solutions for an integrated approach to "Manufacturing Efficiency."
You can find Jergens products just about anywhere in the manufacturing environment.

Jergens Workholding Solutions Jeregns Lifting Solutions Jergens Specialty Fasteners Solutions
Workholding Solutions from Jergens
Support, Locate and Hold:

From standard components like toggle screws and T-bolts to vises and quick change fixture systems like Ball Lock® and ZPS.

Lifting Solutions from Jergens
Lift, Turn and Track:

From chain sling and eye bolts to hoist rings and our proprietary Lift ID™ Automated Inspection and Compliance System.

Jergens Specialty Fasteners Solutions
Fasten, Strengthen and Secure:

From threaded inserts and Spinner-Grip nuts to

Kwik-Lok® Pins.

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