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Lift, Turn and Track

Your Complete Source for Lifting Products

Choose Jergens for hoist rings, adjustable chain sling, pivoting
lifting rings, eye nuts, shoulder and swivel eye bolts and hold down clips.

Quality Control for Safety's Sake

Our quality control procedures define the entire manufacturing process and provide complete
traceability from raw materials, tested in our metallurgical lab, to finished product. Our
state-of-the art, 110,000 square foot facility is ISO 9001:2008 rated and our
center and side pull hoist rings are CE certified. All hoist rings conform
to ANSI/ASME B30.26 standards.


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                                                   Featured Product:

Kwik-Lok Lifting Pin, RFID Technology

Lift ID™ Automated Inspection and Compliance System

Exclusively from Jergens, Lift ID™ combines the power of RFID, the ease of mobile computers and the convenience of the Internet to automate the entire tracking and reporting process. This two part system combines rugged hardware and powerful software to simplify your workplace safety compliance program.

The embedded RFID tags on Jergens’ lifting products provide a quick and efficient way to identify and track equipment in the field. The RFID tag is scanned and Lift ID™ Software accesses our secure website to track the manufacturing and test data for that particular hoist ring. Safety testing, repair histories, inspection certificates and more are immediately accessible from anywhere using web-based administration.

Jergens Lift ID is available on all Jergens lifting products. Simply add an "F" to the end of your
part number when ordering to indicate you want Lift ID™.


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