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Ready to Serve.


Jergens knows that OEMs need the right partner to help them
get their products to market quickly and stay competitive.
We are uniquely positioned to fulfill the needs of our OEM customers:


Wide Variety of Products

With over 100,000 products to choose from, you’ll find everything you need.
One stop, no-hassle shopping.


Highly Competitive Pricing

We work hard to control costs and make sure that our own manufacturing practices
allow us to offer OEMs aggressive pricing for vastly superior products.


Reliability and Extremely High Quality

Jergens - ready to serve OEMs

Our products are engineered better from the start. They’re also manufactured to quality levels
that always meet and often exceed industry standards.



Need to customize an existing product for your special application? No problem. OEM customers
can provide critical input into the design of new products or enhancement of existing products.
Our engineering team is standing by to discuss your needs.


Global Services & Support

Immediate and knowledgeable problem-solving advice is a phone call away. At Jergens, you always get dedicated expertise to solve your specific application requirements.


Quick Turnaround and JIT Shipping

Need it now? No problem. We have a huge stocking inventory and specialize in quick turnaround of special orders.


Track Record

Customers worldwide have been relying on us since 1942, and we have a dependable, well-documented service and quality history.
At Jergens, we stand by our products…and our customers.

Jergens Workholding, Specialty Fastener, and LIfting Solutions


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