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Everything we know about lean manufacturing
started in a little machine shop in Collinwood, Ohio.

Back in 1942, Jack Schron, Sr. and his father Christy founded Glenn Tool and
Manufacturing, a modest machine shop in Collinwood, Ohio.  As wartime production
put increasing demands on their own operation, the Schron's realized that American
manufacturers needed a better way to quickly and efficiently satisfy demand.

They began to manufacture standard components in the building next door, with the
goal of helping manufacturers build jigs and fixtures more quickly.
“The Standard Components with the Highest Standards” became this new company’s
founding philosophy, and it put Jergens, Inc. on the forefront of the “lean manufacturing”
movement before anyone even thought to put those two words together.

Our past manufacturing practices have given us a unique understanding of the needs of our
machining and metalworking customers, but our present
and future practices give us an even greater understanding.

Jergens has countless solutions for the machining & metalworking industry   Jergens has countless solutions for the machining & metalworking industry   Jergens has countless solutions for the machining & metalworking industry

We use them ourselves...because they work.

Since we manufacture over 80% of what we sell right here in our 130,000 sq. ft. Cleveland, OH facility, we are also one of the biggest users of our own products. We can set up lean cells accommodate lot sizes from 1 to 10,000, thanks to our own tooling components and engineered products like the Ball Lock™ and the Zero.Point.System.

So when it comes to lean manufacturing in the machining and metalworking industry, we practice what we preach here at Jergens.

You’ll find that Jergens has countless solutions for the machining & metalworking industry, including:

Jergens Workholding Solutions
Jergens Workholding Solutions

Need To:

  • Purchase the highest quality tooling components?
  • Improve throughput?
  • Increase manufacturing capacity and bottom line productivity?
  • Implement lean manufacturing cells?


Support Lock and Hold

Everything you need is here…from standard components like toggle screws and
T-bolts to vises and quick change fixture systems like Ball Lock™ and Zero.Point.System.

Visit the Workholding Solutions Lobby.


Jergens Specialty Fasteners Solutions
Jergens Specialty Fasteners Solutions

Need to:

  • Purchase the highest quality fasteners?
  • Quickly fasten together workpieces?
  • Frequently and precisely fasten/unfasten parts?

Fasten, Strengthen and Secure

Everything you need is here...from threaded inserts and spinner grip nuts to Kwik-Lok™ pins.

Visit the Specialty Fastener Lobby


Jeregns Lifting Solutions
Jeregns Lifting Solutions

Need to:

  • Flip fixtures, dies and molds?
  • Flip and turn large parts without unhooking?
  • Permanently mount lifting hardware on molds, dies and fixtures?

Lift, Turn and Track
Everything you need is here…from chain sling and eye bolts to hoist rings and our
proprietary Lift ID™ Automated Inspection and Compliance program.

Visit the Lifting Solutions Lobby

Jergens Workholding, Specialty Fastener, and LIfting Solutions

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