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Engineer, Manufacture, Get Results

To succeed you need to be flexible and fast, maximizing the potential
of all your assets, from the machines and equipment to the people who
run them. Jergens was founded on the idea that there is a better a way
for manufacturers to get the job done.

But you need more than products to achieve true manufacturing
efficiency. Jergens is committed to investing the time and resources necessary
to provide you with the best, most cost-efficient solution that achieves your goals.
Knowing how to apply years of field expertise to meet specific needs and providing
that as a resource is the difference between selling products and delivering a solution.

Engineering solutions include:

Digital Tools and Resources

We are committed to making it easy for customers to specify and buy the right Jergens product for the right application. Tools include:

Digital Tools and Resources:
Ball Lock Wizard

Specify and buy a customized Ball Lock®
Quick Change Fixturing System in seconds.

Kwik-Lok Pins Selector

Find the right Kwik-Lok® Pin for your
application with this easy online tool.

Jergens CAD Drawings

Search and download CAD drawings for Jergens products in just about any file
format you need.

Ball Lock Wizard

Kwik-Lok Pins Selector

Jergens CAD Drawings


Uptime Optimization

Our Workholding Efficiency Review can help you get more UPTIME out of your operation and includes:

  • Application and cost savings analysis
  • Workholding/Quick Change Fixturing System design
  • Implementation and retrofit assistance

Standards/Modifications/Custom Products

If you don’t find the workholding, fastening or lifting product that will work for your application,
our engineers can modify or design a custom product that will maximize your performance.

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