Jergens: Setting the Direction for Quick-Change Workholding

Innovate / Automate / Customize

Jergens is setting the direction for quick-change workholding with continuous product innovation, automation possibilities and custom design and build to suit every need. Come see us at IMTS booth #432154!

Find out how Jergens Workholding can help you Innovate, Automate and Customize!

Increase Your Machine Uptime

Today’s CNC machining centers offer the potential for incredible performance and capability. With Jergens, you will achieve your potential. Our workholding systems ensure accuracy and repeatability, and are backed by engineers that know CNC machining, and a company that has been perfecting quick-change modular workholding for 75 years. Come see us at IMTS booth #432154!

Quick Changeover

The right machine, processes, tooling and workholding - reducing the in-between time is a key factor!

Accuracy and Repeatability

Quick change only counts if relocation is precise every time.

Return On Investment

The right workholding system works for you to recoup purchase price and provide payback quickly, and many times over.

Products and Productivity

Jergens' many modular quick change systems and numerous features are engineered to provide specific solutions to your workholding challenges. At Jergens, we place high importance on keeping pace with, and leading, the evolution of machining processes and equipment. The stream of enhancements, innovations and new products continues through our research and development efforts as well as what we gain from our many valued customer relationships. See these products at IMTS booth #432154!

Ball Lock

New Machining Kits and Receiver Plugs Offer More Time Savings with Jergens Ball Lock®: The Leader in Quick and Accurate Fixture Location

ZPS - Zero Point Mounting System

Fix, Position and Clamp in a Single Step with Jergens’ Zero-Point Mounting System.

OK Vise

NEW OK-Vise® Multi-Rail RM System Provides Unlimited Configurations

130 mm Vise + Quick Loc pallets

Open Up Your Five-Axis Machining Possibilities


Custom Design and Build + Automation Possibilities

Jergens custom design & build expertise will take your fixturing needs to the next level, gaining efficiencies from the shop floor. We start with industry-proven standard and custom products to create a solution that is “unique to you.” Jergens customer and process focus also includes developing applications using robotic arms for precise and unmanned quick-change. Your next challenge is Jergens next accomplishment. Come see us at IMTS booth #432154 to speak to one of our experts!

IMTS and Around Chicago

See what all the excitement is about at the show and all around this great city.

About the Show

About the Show

The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, featuring more than 2,000 exhibiting companies and 114,147 registrants. The event is held every two years in September at McCormick Place.

Chicago Dining & Lodging

Chicago Dining & Lodging

Chicago is known for its unbelievable food, from world-class pizza to international delicacies, prepare to be wowed. In addition to its culinary delights, the city also boasts a variety of unique and historic hotels. Find out more below.

Chicago Attractions

About the Show

From riding the famous Navy Pier ferris wheel to soaking in the sea life at Shedd Aquarium… enjoying the classics at the Art Institute of Chicago or taking in the spectacular views from the Willis Tower… Chicago has a lot to offer anyone.

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Find out how Jergens Workholding can help you Innovate, Automate and Customize!