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Jergens Manufacturing Efficiency Blog : August-2006

Welcome to our news and resource blog. Here you will find our recent developments relating to people, products and processes for three business units - Workholding Solutions, Specialty Fasteners and Lifting Solutions. To keep pace with industry, we are continually introducing new technologies, increasing our reach and sharing our successes.
New Full-Line Fastener Products Catalog
August 3, 2006—Jergens, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of standard tooling components, has just published a full-line fastener catalog, a complete sourcing guide for its Kwik-Lok™ pins, spring-loaded devices, threaded inserts, and threaded components and washers. New products in the catalog this year include innovative Spinner-Grip™ flange lock nuts, which eliminate the need to “wrench” the nut down the thread; Quest™ Series Kwik-Lok pins; pull dowels in inch and metric sizes; and Kwik-Lok lifting pins.
Introducing New Manifold Mount Cylinders and Pressure Points
October 6, 2006 -- Jergens Inc. has announced a new series of power clamping products. Manifold Mount Cylinders are intended to provide a clean, steamlined installation by mounting directly to a manifold. This eliminates the need for exposed fittings and plumbing. The cylinders are particularly well-suited for custom designed fixtures. Six sizes are available with maximum output forces ranging from 465 to 8835 lbs.