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Toe Clamps

    Toe Clamps are powerful, low profile clamps that grip on the side of the workpiece leaving the top surface open. This minimizes interference with cutting tools or measuring instruments. Ideas for use on mills, planners, jig borers, drill presses, and faceplates.
  • Steel or brass toe and special washer are included with each clamp.
  • Slotted for 1/2" or M12 Cap Screws
  • Black Oxide finish
  • Available in Fixture Pro Design Software
  • Part Drawings
  • Product Literature
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Part NumberToe MaterialToe StyleABCDEFGWt. (lbs)Toe Only
46926 CAD
STEELSTANDARD3 1/413/161/821/41 1/27/81.0
46953 CAD
46976 CAD
STEELHIGH GRIP3 1/413/161/827/81 1/27/81.0
46949 CAD
46927 CAD
STEELSTANDARD4 11/1613/161/22 3/41/41 1/27/81.4
46953 CAD
46977 CAD
STEELHIGH GRIP4 11/1613/161/22 3/47/81 1/27/81.7
46949 CAD
46928 CAD
STEELSTANDARD6 5/813/1613 3/41/41 1/27/82.0
46953 CAD
46978 CAD
STEELHIGH GRIP6 5/813/1613 3/47/81 1/27/82.3
46949 CAD

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).