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59112 Metric Multi Purpose Subplate

The Jergens Multi-Purpose Subplate accomodates a wide variety of fixture plates and vises. This versatility facilitates usignthe sames VMC for diverse products in repetitive runs, long and short batch sizes.

    • Material: FreMax™ 15 Steel or equivalent
    • Thickness: 31.75mm, ± 0.13mm
    • Parallel within 0.025mm
    • Weight: 130 kgs.
    • Fixture Plate options in table below
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Part NumberPlate SizeThickness
59112 CAD
1000 X 50031.7mm

Part NumberPlate SizeThickness of Fixture PlateNumber of Fixture Plates/ Vise that Mount on Multi-Purpose SubplateReceiver Bushing Center DistanceReceiver Bushing SizeRequired Ball Lock® Shank Part NumberNumber of Shanks Required Per Fixture Plate/Vise
58713 CAD
350 x 35020mm2300 x 30020mm
49651 CAD
58715 CAD
400 x 40020mm2300 x 30020mm
49651 CAD
400 x 40030mm**2300 x 30020mm
49652 CAD
58706 CAD
Jigsaw20mm4300 x 20020mm
49651 CAD
500 x 50025mm2425 X 42525MM
49662 CAD
69406 CAD
150mm Jigsaw20mm4300 x 20020MM
49651 CAD

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).