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5-Axis Pallet Clamps

Jergens pallet clamps (comprised of clamping jaws with a grip structure) can be used either for concentric clamping or for clamping to the fixed jaw. These pallet clamps are an effective, affordable clamping solution.

  • 2 designs available: concentric clamping or clamping to a fixed jaw
  • Highest quality, compact, all-steel construction
  • Precise clamping
  • Easy to dismantle and clean
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Part NumberClamping PrincipleJaw Width (mm)Clamping Force (kN)Clamping Width (mm)Clamping step (mm)Weight (Kg)
Against the fixed jaw8020 at 60 Nm5 - 1194 x 46.9
Concentric clamping8020 at 60 Nm15 - 1394 x 46.4